Dare we use the words Covid Lock Down…… Well too late we’ve said it. Yes in January 2020 after pondering what to do with the used real Christmas tree, as we couldn’t take it to the recycling centre, nor pay a charity to take it away. So squeezing it into the brown waste bin was the only option. It made us think that surely there is a better, more sustainable way to get the perfect tree for Christmas yet better safeguard the environment.

With over 7 million cut trees going into landfill each year, for the sake of 3 weeks of Christmas enjoyment, there has to be a better, more sustainable way to do Christmas trees.

Inspired by Sarah Knight Nee Green (Greenie) who we sadly lost to cancer 5 years ago.

Sarah had a love for the planet, animals and nature. So we had to run the business following her beliefs and passion for sustainability.

Reduce, reuse, recycle is behind everything we do. It makes perfect sense to have sustainability at the heart of the business.

We grow the trees in pots so they can be reused year after year, reducing the number cut trees sent to landfill and recycling the pots to grow more Christmas trees.

Why Pot Grown Trees?

The traditional 6 foot cut Christmas Tree can take 8-10 years to grown to be simply cut and enjoyed for 3 weeks, then discarded. Seems a complete waste and not sustainable.

Pot Grown Trees, are grown in pots in the ground and retain a very good root system. this allows them to be used for many years, if cared for properly whilst indoors.

Types of Christmas Trees

The best Christmas trees to rent are Norway Spruce. The Spruce is the festive tree that you would traditionally see in homes across the UK. It has a rich coniferous fragrance that depicts Christmas that we all remember from our childhoods.

How it works – 4 steps to sustainability

Rent – Share – Care – Return


Step 1- Rent a real live tree –

Simply chose the height  of your Pot Grown Christmas Tree, in feet, and book it online from our shop. Relax in the knowledge you are doing your bit for the environment.


Step 2 – Care for the tree – 

Pot grown trees should be watered frequently enough to keep them damp – A small water daily is ideal as you would with any indoor plant.


Step 3 – Share –

Enjoy the family time and fun of decorating the fresh scented tree over the festive period. Sharing the good times with friends and family.


Step 4 – Return – sustainability – 

We can collect the rental tree from your home or simply return it to the distribution centre. We will return it to the farm where we will look after it for another year of growth, ready for you again next year.

Sizing Guide

All pot grown Christmas Trees are measured from the bottom of the pot to the tallest branch, the Leader, to the nearest foot +/- 6 inches