Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering & Deposits

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

​These trees have been carefully cared for throughout their lives so that they can grow strong and healthy. A lot of love and attention has been given to them and we need to know that anyone who is renting one will treat them with the respect they deserve and follow the tree care instructions. We also need to ensure the trees are returned after Christmas so they can go back to the farm for another year of attention, ready for the following Christmas. 

Will I get my deposit back?

Absolutely, the deposit is fully refundable, so long as the tree is returned in good condition. This means the tree must not be dry, dying, broken, have been taken out of it’s pot, had it’s branches cut or be damaged. In this instance we would reserve the right to keep your deposit. It must also be ready for collection on the agreed date. Failure to return the tree would also result in losing the deposit.

If you wish to have the same tree again next year, reserve it with a £10 down payment at time of collection or online reservation form.

What if I don’t like my tree?

Please let us know straight away and we will do our best to find you a replacement, Guaranteed. Simply contact us to arrange.

How soon can I order a Tree

Straight away! Please note delivery dates only start from 3 weeks before Christmas and pickup dates start early January. The living trees will not survive if they are indoors for longer than approx 3 weeks as the prefer the outdoors.

What sort of tree will I be renting?

All our rental trees are the traditional Norway Spruce that we all remember from our childhood. Norway Spruce look and smell fantastically Christmassy, as well as having a smaller root system, which enables them to be practical for rental use. They are hand planted in their pots on the farm which is the most sustainable method as they can be used over several years instead of having a short life ending in a landfill graveyard, like cut trees.

How is the tree height measured?

The tree height is from the bottom of the pot to the top point of the tree, called the leader. The measurement is in feet to the closest foot +/- 6 inches.

What if I need to cancel my order?

Notification to cancel is required 48 hours before 0001 hours on your chosen day of delivery, if notice is received within that 48 hour window then 75% of the cost will still be payable. Outside of that we will refund the full amount minus our associated admin costs. Delivery and collection charges cannot be refunded.

Do you only rent during Christmas?

No not at all. We do and have rented to many corporate companies and private parties and functions, like weddings, birthday parties etc. Please send in an enquiry or e-mail us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Trees & Tree Care

How do I look after my tree?

HEAT – They do not like the heat. Please keep away from the radiator and other heat sources.​

WATER – They must be watered everyday to ensure their health and survival. They require approximately a pint of water every day and please don’t forget the saucer to avoid mishaps.​

POTS – Our trees have been hand planted in their pots on the farm with undisturbed roots. Please do not remove them from their pots.

PRUNING – We have already hand-prune and fertilised the trees to keep them healthy. Please do not cut bits off the tree yourself.

DECORATING – Please do not put snow or glitter sprays or similar on the tree as this could harm it.  However, please feel free to load your tree with as many lights and baubles as you can find. Please ensure all ornaments are lights are removed before returning the tree.

Delivery & Collection and Self Pick Up & Return

How much does delivery and collection cost?

Delivery and collection is £5 each way. This is because the trees are living plants and need to be handled with care. Or FREE collection from one of our distribution centres. Choose at point of order on the website.

Can you bring the tree into the house for me?

Sorry no, we only offer a doorstep delivery for insurance reasons.

Upon delivery

Once your tree has been delivered, if at all possible it should be kept outside until you ready to decorate it. If you have a shed, greenhouse or garage, it would be ideal to store the tree in there for a few days before taking inside your house – this allows the tree to gradually acclimatise to the increase in temperature it will experience going from the cold winter weather into your warm home.​

Your tree will be in either a 15 or 30 litre pot, depending on the size of the tree. It will also come with a pot saucer which fits underneath the pot – this makes it easy to tell when the tree needs watering, and it also helps protect your floor coverings.​

Inside your home

Once you take the tree inside your home, please position it away from fires or radiators, as the direct heat will dry the tree out very quickly and cause loss of needles – it may even permanently damage or kill the tree. ​

Once you have chosen the best position for your tree, the most important thing to remember is that your tree will need water daily. Depending on the size of your chosen tree and the temperature inside your home, it will need somewhere between 1-2 pints of water (approx 0.5 – 1.0 litre) every day. Too much water can also cause problems, the soil in the pot should feel damp to the touch, but not waterlogged.

Please don’t prune your tree to make it fit into a certain spot in your home, this can introduce infection into the tree.​

When you are adding or removing your decorations from the tree, please take care not to damage the buds at the end of each branch. These buds will form the following years growth, so if they’re accidentally knocked off it will stunt the growth of the tree.​

Please don’t use any fake snow or glitter sprays on your tree.

After Christmas

Once the festive period is over, please take the tree outside – or ideally place into a shed, greenhouse or garage for a few days to allow the tree to get used to the cold weather again. We will come and collect it as per the dates you selected at checkout or simply drip it off at the pre-agreed date and time to the distribution centre. Thank you.

Remember to contact us if you want to reserve the same tree for next Christmas.