Christmas Tree Care

Pot Grown Christmas Trees – Freshness Guaranteed

Christmas Tree Care – Your pot grown tree should be watered and cared for, just as you would for any house plant. To ensure maximum longevity, water your tree each day and it will reward you with that wonderful fragrance and great needle retention. Keep the pot topped up with water; you will be surprised how much the tree drinks! Keep your tree away from radiators or other sources of heat.  If you have underfloor heating consider turning the zone off where your Christmas tree is or put your Christmas tree on a mat to try and prevent it from getting too hot.

How we have cared for your Cut Christmas Tree

  1. Hand planted in PH balanced soil.
  2. Soil kept free of weeds and grass regularly mowed.
  3. Trees pruned and shaped to bring you that traditional shape
  4. Irrigated from a natural fresh water stream.
  5. Delivered to your door in peak freshness – guaranteed
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